Mandalorian Armorer themed AR-15 rifle

About the Project

This AR15’s Cerakote finish is inspired by the character of the Mandalorian Armorer from the popular Star Wars TV Series, The Mandalorian.

The barrel and buffer tube feature a two-tone stenciled “Beskar Steel” finish similar to damascus steel or a heavy wood grain.

The Aero Precision receivers and handguard feature a distressed finish we call “Moderately Grimy” Gold Cerakote that resembles The Armorer’s helmet, while the Magpul stock and the Strike Industries handstop are accented with a Moderately Grimy Copper Suede Cerakote.

Various other stencils tie together the Mandalorian theme.

Cerakote Colors Used:

Graphite Black, Gold, Copper Suede, Satin Aluminum, Titanium, Armor Black